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Would you like to stand out of the crowd and to communicate your message in an original way? Then, you should say it with chocolate!

Queen’s Chocolate offers innovative shapes, tastes and packaging. Queen’s Chocolates produces a wide range of quality Belgian chocolate products using traditional recipes and natural ingredients. The finest, most delicious handmade Belgian chocolate offered in tailor-made packaging is an excellent way to enhance your corporate image.

Our graphics department is at your disposal to help you elaborate your chocolate project!

Once apon a time…

Since 1904, the Mertens family has had a passion for fine foods. Their top quality, handmade products are distributed throughout Belgium.

In 1993, after many years of experience, the dream of one Mertens son became reality and Queen’s Chocolate was born.

After several successful stages, including the first prize received in 2000 at the “Canadian Fine Food Show”, Marc Mertens decided to pass on the torch to André Huynen in 2016. The start of a new chapter for the company and its development.

Our products range

The Queen’s Chocolate range covers a large selection of products.

Try our assortment of Neapolitans, pralines or tablets. We can produce them in different sizes and shapes.

Have you ever had roasted almonds? They’re delicious and wrapped in practical individual packaging. We also specialize in seasonal products such as Easter egg pralines and coffee beans covered with a thin layer of fondant chocolate.

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